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Dietz-motoren Electrical Motors.

An Integrated Machine Concept.

We are an experienced motor manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where we've been designing, developing and building drives since 1922.

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Infinite possibilities.

Flexibility in every component.

Everything, just how I want it – high-performance grey cast iron end shields and flanges, integrated seamlessly into the process

Bespoke bearing systems and lubrication options sized to suit your specific application.

Stator with winding – impregnated against UV

Calculation systems define the required winding parameters. Manufactured in line with the latest technical developments. Impregnated to withstand UV, extremely robust.

The UL (cCSAus, UL)-certified insulation is designed to withstand even the most extreme effects caused by the frequency converter.
Hochdruck-Radialventilator für externen Frequenzumrichter

Plug & play motor connection using an industrial plug connector

In addition to our standard connection option, a terminal box with an integrated terminal board, we offer compact industrial plug connectors as a space-saving option. For example, Harting Han® and other power connectors.

The perfect shaft

Taper shaft, seamless transitions, shafts with feather keys, smooth shafts and shafts with male and female thread, shaft materials.
Hochdruck-Radialventilator für externen Frequenzumrichter
Hochdruck-Radialventilator für externen Frequenzumrichter

Times they are a-turning – shutdown monitoring

Redundant or non-redundant rotation monitoring with 2, 4, 8 or more pulses per rotation for any necessary monitoring tasks in machine systems.

Mount it your way – mounting flange

IM-compliant mounting flange and non-standard variants in HD or cast iron
Hochdruck-Radialventilator für externen Frequenzumrichter

Bespoke cooling functionality



  • Cooling functions integrated in the process
  • Smooth stator housing surface with separate cooling jacket


  • Exceptional variability for customer-specific features
  • Ribbed housing (our own design) for cooling large areas efficiently


Dietz-motoren modular approach

Up to 200 kW

Fully scalable power requirement.


IE3 and IE4 when using mains power.

Greatest possible variability

Can be tailored to provide customer-specific features.

Ideal for use with frequency converters

Motor components designed to work with frequency converters.