Change of Ownership

The shareholders of Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH announce the acquisition of all shares in:

Dietz‐motoren GmbH & Co. KG (www.dietz‐ in Dettingen unter Teck (Dietz)
and the foundation of:

Deutsche Elektromotoren Holding GmbH (DEM‐Holding) with registered office in Dettingen unter Teck
as the future holding company of Dietz and EMGR...

New for our customers and suppliers

From now on, you can charge your e-vehicle free of charge during your visit. The charging stations are located in the visitor parking lot at our Factory II in Kirchheimer Str. 164.

Dietz-Motoren develops and produces individual electric motors, radial fans and blowers for every application

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Application examples low pressure fans

July 12, 2022

Our radial fans represent quality and robustness. They are powerful and can be used flexibly for low, medium or high pressure. With our closely staggered sizes, we offer the optimum unit for every application. By using our radial fans, you can solve even complicated air handling tasks easily.

The low-pressure fans of the "DN" series have been part of our product range for a long time. The radial fan fitted with forward-curved drum impellers is compact in dimensions - even though the motor is located outside the housing.

The DN fans are used in practice, for example, to extract larger volumes of air from manufacturing processes, e.g. in foundries and in parts washing plants.

As an established fan manufacturer in Dettingen unter Teck, we develop products and solutions that are adapted to the individual requirements of customer applications.

Our "Fanfinder" chooses the optimal fan for any operating point.

Step 1: Define working point

Enter your desired working point (also called operating point).

Step 2: Choose between..

Step 3: Request online and receive offer