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Three-phase motors with more than one speed

Pole-changing drives

March 3, 2021

Three-phase motors with more than one speed are often considered technology from the past. Power electronics such as frequency converters became more and more popular and replaced such complex drives.

Complete units for vacuum or airknife applications

High performance blower incl. electronics, turnkey

December 14, 2020

As a manufacturer of industrial fans, Dietz-motoren responds to customer requirements and realizes customized products.

Liquid-cooled Dietz motors

Best power density with compact and smooth housing

November 11, 2020

Self-ventilated or forced-ventilated motors of the IC 411 or IC 416 standard are part of everyday life and everyone knows them. The standard motor, or at least the drive of many industrial machines that looks like a standard motor, has a fan guard, a fan blade underneath it and associated cooling fins on the circumference of the stator housing.


A high performance machine for specialists

October 23, 2020

From the outside you usually cannot see what is inside.
Often also with three-phase motors, which are operated by means of frequency converters from 50Hz or 60Hz to more than 300Hz. Fans cover, ribbed housing... From the outside, everything points to a "normal IEC motor"...


The blower for the most demanding tasks

September 15, 2020

High flowrate and enormous pressure increase?
The Dietz SB High Performance Blower for frequency converter operation can do both! On the one hand, high flow rates and good efficiency over a wide range of characteristic curves, on the other hand high pressure increase or decrease...

Temperature lock

Prevent heat transfer successfully

July 09, 2020

To prevent heat transfer from a machine to a drive motor, often so-called temperature locks are used. These effectively decouple the components by using the smallest possible contact surface and connection...

Speed monitoring

Times they are a-turning

June 05, 2020

Electric drives in machines do not always have to provide the required power, speed and torque. Speed monitoring or a so-called standstill monitoring are attributes that are often required by the machine control, also with regard to the safety of humans and machines...

Coated fans

Resistant due to the high-quality Halar® ECTFE coating

May 04, 2020

Usually metals have to be protected against corrosion by coatings. We offer various proven types of coating, including the particularly high-quality "Halar® ECTFE coatings". The abbreviation "ECTFE coating" means "Ethylene Chlorotrifluoroethylene coating"...

Centrifugal motors

Electric motors suitable for your machine concept

April 08, 2020

Centrifuges are used for the separation of substances with different masses by using the inertia of rotation. By means of mass inertia a separation of substances takes place in the centrifuge ...

Dietz-motoren seals. - Fans

Sealed fans for special applications

March 02, 2020

As an established fan manufacturer in Dettingen/Teck, our company offers products that are adapted to the requirements of customer applications. For example "sealed fans"...

Customized motors

More power in the size

February 10, 2020

We have been manufacturing electric motors since 1922. These are motors for dynamic control processes, as well as designs for high speeds, with high rates of acceleration and for difficult environmental conditions...

Guaranteed with aluminium

And why our customers trust in the robustness

January 10, 2020

For decades, customers have relied on the robustness of our centrifugal fans. Not only the self-produced drive motor plays a role here, but also the fan unit itself. We use aluminium housings here - but why?

Innovative Radial Fans

high performance and outstanding efficiency

December 02, 2019

High-pressure fans of the HR series solve the most diverse ventilation tasks in many areas. They are designed for high pressure differences (positive or negative pressure) and thanks to operation via frequency converters, these centrifugal fans can be flexibly optimised for a wide range of applications ...

A Fan's Working Point

Determining the optimum fan

November 01, 2019

Despite what you may think, a "working point" isn't the time you have to be at work in the morning! As a fan manufacturer, we have often noticed that the term "working point" causes confusion...