Freewheeling radial fans

June 01, 2021

Built-in fans without housing

The used but somehow confusing term " Free running fan" has nothing to do with the wildlife in a figurative sense. More clear is the term " housingless built-in fan".   

A free-running radial fan is used in machines that have a suitable housing or an integrated casing. The fan is then only inserted and fastened by means of a flange.

Examples of applications:

  • drying systems
  • heating systems
  • packaging machines
This allows space-saving concepts to be designed that offer plant-specific benefits. For example, for the air flow in the entire process.

As an established fan manufacturer in Dettingen unter Teck, we develop products and solutions that are customized to the individual requirements of customer applications. Our radial fans stand for quality and robustness - they are powerful and can be used flexibly for low, medium or high pressure. We offer the optimum unit for every application thanks to our closely staggered sizes. By using our radial fans, you can solve even complicated air handling tasks with ease
freewheeling fans

Did you already know?

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