Three-phase motors with more than one speed

Three-phase motors with more than one speed

March 2, 2021

Three-phase motors with more than one speed are often considered technology from the past. Power electronics such as frequency converters became more and more popular and replaced such complex drives.

Nevertheless, such motors with the number of poles 4-2; 8-4 or even 6-4-2 or 8-6-4 still have their use and are also successfully used in newly designed machines in the industry. While a motor with 8-4 or 4-2 pole winding is usually operated by means of a Dahlander circuit, an 8-6 pole motor requires 2 separate windings in the stator.

Dietz-motoren still has the know-how and the manufacturing capabilities to realize such windings.

The order-related manufacturing of Dietz-motoren enables the production of customized drive solutions for customers.

With Dietz-motoren you are always on the right side. Innovation and dynamics have been important characteristics of the traditional German company over all these years.

"Good for the climate" - the innovative product range meets the IE standard and even exceeds it in many cases.

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