The structure of an electric motor – Part 2

May 30, 2022


The base for the winding is the stator package. According to its characteristics and motor type, as well as housing size, this is prepared for further processing. See Part 1 of our series "Construction of an electric motor

In the winding department, the later motor receives its copper in the form of selected enameled copper wires. The enameled copper wire is wound and drawn into the insulated stator slots. This is largely done in series production using special machines.

In contrast, the next work step is carried out by hand. The individual phases are now again insulated from each other in the winding heads with insulating material inserts and the enameled wires are provided with cover slides made of insulating material towards the inside of the rotor. The stranded wires are welded to the wire ends of the winding or the individual coils, and any additional equipment such as thermal sensors are incorporated accordingly into the so-called winding heads.

In order to keep both winding heads as compact as possible, a compression followed by bandaging is performed.

Once the checking is done, the stator with winding is finally impregnated.

We have been doing this for years with a current UV system. This achieves the best possible result - especially for the extremely demanding industrial engines that are produced directly in Dettingen unter Teck.

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