The structure of an electric motor - Part 1

March 11, 2022


The electrical motors we produce are available in a wide range of versions. Due to the high level of production depth, we are able to respond immediately to customer-specific wishes and realize them.

One of the main components is the stator. In the example of a three-phase motor, this is the "non-rotating part" - that' s why it is also called the stator.

A stator is made up of a laminated core and the three-phase winding that generates the rotating field.

In our in-house punching department, we stamp pre-coiled dynamo plates according to internal calculations and geometries.

By using steel bands and the so-called packaging, the individual plates are fixed in their intended position for the further work steps in the production process.

In order to isolate the later winding from the dynamo plate and to avoid short circuits, each stator slot receives an insulating material paper inserted. This is done, as far as possible, by means of machines.

Prepared in this way, the component "stator" enters the winding department for the insertion of the enameled copper wires, and so on.

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