Low-pressure fans DN8 to DN12

August 06, 2021

The smallest in the fan range

Our DN8 to DN12 radial fans - the smallest in the fan range. They are able to cope with big tasks even with low power ratings. For many years, they have been used for a wide range of ventilation tasks and impress with their robustness and durability. An aluminum impeller housing in combination with a forward-curved sheet steel impeller and the asynchronous motor specially developed and manufactured for this series make the difference.

The so-called „polygon- motor“ is a specialty.
Even under full load and S1 operation, it can manage without ribbing and the usual internal fan. The smooth outer contour effectively prevents the settling and adhesion of dirt particles. Due to the closed design of the motor, there is no danger of contact with rotating parts such as the internal fan.

The winding inside the Polygon motor are made in Germany according to our high quality manufacturing principles and can withstand the most enormous stress conditions, as they can occur during frequency converter operation. In this case, regulation of DN8 to DN12 fans from 0Hz to 60Hz causes no problem.

In case 50Hz or 60Hz three-phase current are not available, we also offer versions for 1-phase alternating current 230V.

Applications with fluid temperatures above 80 °C can also be served. The version with a temperature barrier is used for this purpose. The construction prevents heat transfer between the motor and the fan section. This means that fluids up to 230 °C are permitted.

You can see the complete range of radial fans on our homepage using the fan overview page. From low-pressure fans to high-pressure fans and high-performance blowers.
With our in-house product finder "Fanfinder" you can enter your defined working point (pressure and volume flow) to get two matching options of radial fans. You have the possibility to inquire directly online or to order through the online webshop. You can directly see if the desired radial fan is available in the online webshop or not. Of course, you can also access the radial fans using the product list, here it is also clearly indicated if a radial fan is available in the online store.

low-pressure fans
low-pressure fans

Features of our DN-series

  • Powerful

  • Extremely efficient (IE3 and IE4 motors)

  • High-performance steel impeller

  • Attractive aluminium housing