Fans from Dietz-motoren - guaranteed aluminium

January 10, 2020

For decades, customers have been relying on the robustness of our centrifugal fans. Not only the self-produced drive motor plays a role here, but also the fan unit itself. We use aluminium housings here - but why?

In principle, the material aluminium offers advantages by nature, from which many of our customers benefit.
The material is light, robust, dimensionally stable and largely resistant to corrosion.

A housing without coating only reaches its limits when it comes into contact with aggressive media or abrasive materials in use. This is where we offer proven coatings such as epoxy or E-CTFE.

Users with noise emission requirements also benefit from the attractive, smooth radial blowers. Damping properties and the absence of unfavourable interfering edges in combination with the right impeller for your application make our compact centrifugal fans a guarantee of economy and quiet running.

Convince yourself!

With "" you can select the centrifugal fan optimally suited for your application. You can then easily have the selected fan delivered within a few days via our online shop.

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