Three-phase motors with HD-aluminum extrusion housing

September 15, 2021

Flexible and robust

We produce a wide range of electric motors in Dettingen unter Teck. Because of the high manufacturing depth, we are able to immediately respond to customer-specific requests and implement them.

The extruded aluminum housing provides stability that is usually only found in a cast iron housing, and is used as standard on sizes 112 - 200.

Another positive feature here is that the aluminum terminal box is closed to the motor and is located above the ribs on the housing of the motor. The profile was specially designed by us. Due to the design, foot mounts deviating from the standard can be implemented.

The cable version is also possible here instead of a terminal box - in this case, the motor can be switched directly at the winding head, which means that the terminal board is no longer necessary.

It should be noted that in the case of stricter efficiency guidelines, the extruded housing motor can often be used to maintain the existing size. The motor is extended by the necessary active material.

Those (F)DP-motors named by us are available in unventilated, self-ventilated and forced-ventilated versions.

In addition to the common standard flanges for B5 or B14 executions, special flanges can be realized in cooperation with the customer.

As a Swabian motor manufacturer, we develop customized drive solutions. In addition to a long service life, the benefits include high power density, low maintenance costs, low noise levels and high vibration quality.


The following executions are available:

  • unventilated

  • self-ventilated

  • forced-ventilated