Radial fans GR and GT

October 11, 2021

radial fans


The radial fans of the GR and GT series have a stable, largely corrosion-resistant cast aluminum housing. The attractive housing combines practicality, robustness, high efficiency and smooth running with modern industrial design, today an important innovation factor for capital goods. The nominal diameters and connection dimensions of the suction and discharge openings correspond to the standard dimensions of many machine, system and accessory connections. This enables streamlined, standardized and thus cost-effective attachment options.

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The most important facts of the GR series

The GR fans are designed with optimized, closed, dynamically balanced, backward curved impellers. The standard material of the impeller is aluminum. They are characterized by good efficiency and low noise values.

In the standard version, these fans have no fan foot, since, especially in the case of smaller sizes, attachment to the system is often carried out via the suction and/or pressure side connections. In the standard version, the drive motor is designed with a foot housing.
Optionally, shapely fan feet are also available, on which the fan with the motor foot is mounted at the factory.

Fan housing, standard suction cover and fan feet are made of aluminum casting and are usually unpainted. In contrast, the motors are painted RAL 9005 black.

GR series fans are suitable as standard for non-corrosive gases and vapors up to 80°C at ambient temperatures up to 40°C, but they are not suitable in principle for conveying solids which may cause impeller blockage, casing clogging, caking or abrasion.

The most important facts about the GT series

Fans of the GT series are designed with optimized open steel impellers and are suitable as transport fans for gases with solids.

Just like the GR types, the basic design does not include a fan foot, since, especially with smaller sizes, attachment to the plant is often made via the suction and/or discharge side connections. The drive motor is designed as a foot motor.
However, shapely fan feet are optionally available, on which the fan is mounted by means of a motor foot.

Fan housing, standard suction cover and fan feet are made of cast aluminum and are unpainted in the standard version. The motors are painted in RAL 9005 black.

The GT fans are suitable as standard for non-corrosive gases and vapors containing solid particles. Standard fluid temperature up to 80°C with ambient temperature up to 40°C.

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