"DN" low-pressure fans

January 19, 2022

Low-pressure radial fans from 16 m³/min flow rate

The low-pressure fans of the "DN" series are already part of our product range for a long time. The radial fan equipped with forward-curved drum impellers is compact in dimensions - although the motor is located outside the housing.

This is achieved by an end shield integrated in the housing. While smooth and unventilated motors are used for the smaller "DN fans", a unit with a flow rate of 16m³/min (e.g. the DN13) has a three-phase motor with classic longitudinal ribbing and IE3, or even with IE4 efficiency on request.

The entire series consists of a durable aluminum housing with forward-curved sheet steel wheels.

With the largest member of the DN series, the DN25/132, a max. volume flow of 100 m³/min is achieved, with a pressure increase of 2300Pa in 50Hz operation. In addition to an extensive range of optional equipment, these fans are available with a foot for mounting the unit. Furthermore, a version with temperature lock is optional in order to use the unit with pumped media above 80°C up to 230°C.

As an experienced engine manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, we have been developing and producing such innovative drive concepts since 1922. With us, you are always on the right side. Innovation and dynamism have been important hallmarks over all these years.

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