Dietz-motoren seals. - Radial fans

March 02, 2020

As an established fan manufacturer in Dettingen unter Teck, we offer products that are adapted to the requirements of customer applications. For example "sealed fans".

This conceals a centrifugal fan, whose housing interior is sealed against the environment. This is always necessary when leakage of the pumped medium or mixing with ambient air must be avoided.

In addition to the sealing itself, optional special features such as coatings for additional process reliability of the fan in the customer's overall system are distinguishing features compared to the usual designs. E.g. impellers made of stainless material, surface coatings, temperature barriers to the drive motor, condensation water drains and much more.

Application examples

  • Cleanrooms
  • Extraction of exhaust gases
  • Gases that should not come into contact with the surrounding air

Our intelligent product finder "Fanfinder"

By using our intelligent product finder "Fanfinder" you can easily enter your desired operating point (pressure and volume flow) and you will receive suitable fans for this purpose.

By entering your defined working point you have the choice between two suitable centrifugal fans. You have the possibility to inquire online or to purchase them via our online shop. It is directly visible whether the desired centrifugal fan is available in our online shop or not. Of course you can also call up our centrifugal fans via the product list, where it is also clearly marked if a centrifugal fan is available in our online shop.