Temperature lock for electric motors and radial fans

July 09, 2020

To prevent heat transfer from a machine to a drive motor, often so-called temperature locks are used. These effectively decouple the components by using the smallest possible contact surface and connection.

We have been successfully using temperature barriers in radial fans for years as soon as air or gases with temperatures above 80°C are transported.

Depending on the type of fan, conveying medium temperatures of up to 230°C are easily possible.

Interesting for industrial furnaces or similar are motors with such a temperature lock on the drive side. These are usually supported by additional fans located on the motor shaft. The aluminium parts are not only able to transfer the heat radially to the environment, but due to their good conductivity they also draw the heat from the shaft on which they are located.

Our order-related in-house production enables the manufacture of customized drive solutions for the customers.

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