Liquid-cooled Dietz motors

November 11, 2020

Best power density with compact and smooth housing

Self-ventilated or forced-ventilated motors of the IC 411 or IC 416 standard are part of everyday life and everyone knows them. The standard motor, or at least the drive of many industrial machines that looks like a standard motor, has a fan guard, a fan blade underneath it and associated cooling fins on the circumference of the stator housing.

But there are also many motor applications in industry where such an air-circulating cooling system is not suitable. Often unventilated motors are used here, which are only cooled by convection of the motor housing. Disadvantage: Because of the missing fan blade, these motors have to be designed larger to avoid overheating. Often the operating conditions do not allow the use of such motors. If there is a risk of dust deposits or if the process requires cooler motors, unventilated motors with cooling type designation IC 410 cannot be used. In this case liquid-cooled motors, cooling type IC 31, come into play. Often, liquid cooling media such as water or oil are already available from other process areas or the machine itself, which are then used for this purpose. Since the heat is conducted out of the process via the cooling medium, there is a significantly lower heat emission to the environment. This is of great importance in many systems.

The cooling system is separated from the electrical components of the engine by design. The heat can be used beneficially in other areas.

In Dietz motors, the motor housing is designed as a smooth jacket. This type is therefore also suitable for the textile and food industry. Dust and fibers can hardly stick and cleaning is greatly simplified.

In many applications the trend towards variable speed drives via frequency converters is increasing. Dietz-motoren guarantees you carefully designed and processed motor components, also especially for this application.

For generator applications, optimized designs are offered.

The order-related production of Dietz-motors enables the manufacture of tailor-made drive solutions for customers.

With Dietz-motors you are always on the right side. Innovation and dynamism have been important characteristics of this traditional German company over the years.

"Good for the climate" - the innovative product range meets the IE standard and even exceeds it in many cases.