Underoil motors from Dietz-motoren

July 01, 2021

"Intank submersible motors" with complete flushing

Hydraulic systems are present everywhere, not only in automotive engineering, but also in mechanical engineering.
The pumps used in these systems - whether constant-delivery pumps or variable-delivery pumps, open or closed systems - all require a drive.

We offer you a wide range of different types of electric motors.

One of these is the driving motor, which is completely immersed in hydraulic oil during operation. The so-called "under-oil motor". A major advantage is that the under-oil motor is flushed with hydraulic oil and is thus excellently cooled - enabling a high power density. It does not require any type of protection, as is needed for use outside the tank.

This is possible because of the winding and explicitly its isolation. Specially adapted to the pump used, the best results are achieved with high efficiencies.

On our homepage you will find information about the different electric motors, suitable for your machine concept. If you have further questions, you can easily and quickly contact one of our employees.

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underoil motors

In which applications are under-oil motors used?

  • Hydraulic power units

Liquid-cooled motors

Air-cooled motors