Innovative radial fans - high performance and outstanding efficiency

December 02, 2019

An important mainstay of our fan range are the HR series.

As the other fans in our wide range of products, the HR units are manufactured according to German quality standards in our fan factory in Heroldstatt-Ennabeuren.

High-pressure fans from the HR series solve the most different air engineering tasks in many areas. They are constructed for high pressure differences (overpressure or underpressure) and because they operate via frequency converters, these centrifugal fans can be flexibly optimised for a wide range of applications.

The heart of these fans is a special three-phase motor that is adapted to the respective fan. Its optimized construction for driving high-pressure fans guarantees a long service life.
In combination with the closed and backward-curved high-performance impeller, excellent air values and efficiencies are achieved with a compact dimension.

With regard to the pumped medium, the standard version is already suitable for gases and vapours up to 80 °C (non-corrosive) at an ambient temperature of -20 to +40 °C. This is guaranteed by a stable, largely corrosion-resistant cast aluminium housing. The attractively shaped housing combines practicality, robustness, high efficiency and quiet running with modern industrial design, today an important innovation factor for capital goods. The nominal diameters and connection dimensions of the suction and blowing openings correspond to the standard dimensions of many machine, system and accessory connections. This enables flow-favourable as well as standardised and thus cost-effective mounting options. The flanges of the suction and blow-out openings have nominal diameters and mounting holes according to DIN 24154, part 2. Dietz-motoren supplies other hole patterns on request.

Fans of the HR series are generally not suitable for conveying solids that can cause impeller blockages, housing blockages, caking or abrasion.

Benefits of the HR series

  • Powerful & extremely flexible in application
  • Efficient Efficiency
  • Adjustable air values thanks to frequency inverter
  • Variable rotational speed
  • Compact and lightweight