A Fan's Working Point

November 01, 2019

Despite what you may think, a "working point" isn't the time you have to be at work in the morning! As a fan manufacturer, we have often noticed that the term "working point" causes confusion. For this reason, we have explained it in this text. - That's useful, because the working point is also the main criterion for selecting the right device in our product finder, which is called "Fanfinder".

The overall fan characteristic curve depends on the fan's construction type, and on other parameters such as air density or fan speed.

The fan characteristic curve shows the pressure increase/decrease (p) in dependency on the flow rate (V), i.e. which flow rate is established for a particular "counter-pressure". It tells you what pressure flow rate values the fan provides.

The system characteristic curve shows how the "counter-pressure" changes in the system, depending on the flow rate, when particular process parameters are set.

The "working point", also sometimes called the "operating point", is the point at which the fan characteristic curve intersects with the system characteristic curve. It tells you what pressure and flow rate are established when the system is operated with the particular fan.


When the system is operated with a weaker fan, a working point with a lower flow rate is established than when it is operated with a stronger fan.

The "Fanfinder" intelligent product finder

You can enter your required working point (pressure and flow rate) in our convenient, easy-to-use "Fanfinder" intelligent product finder. It then finds the right fans for your application.

When you enter your defined working point, Fanfinder displays two suitable radial fans, so you can choose the one you want. You can request them online or buy them in our Online Shop. You can instantly see whether the radial fan you want is available in our Online Shop. Of course, you can also call up our radial fans in our product list. The radial fans that are available in our Online Shop are marked in this list.

Radial-Fans Online-Shop

Provided the fan you want is available, you can then order it directly in Dietz-motoren's Online Shop.
You can quickly and easily buy up to 9 of our fans there. The major benefit to you is that we process and deliver your fan without delay: you get it within 2 or 3 working days. You can make your payment using a variety of different standard payment types.