• Change of Ownership

Information to the Customers

Deutsche Elektromotoren Holding GmbH (DEM‐Holding) with registered office in Dettingen unter Teck

as the future holding company of Dietz-motoren GmbH and Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH.

Dear business partner,

we are pleased to inform you as a valued customer about the successful merger of two companies that have been recognized and successful in the market for many years.

Under the roof of the newly founded Deutsche Elektromotoren Holding GmbH, both companies will have a presence in the market with their familiar brands and contacts.

With a portfolio of electric motors starting from 0.06 to 200 KW power class, designed in energy efficiency class up to IE5, air‐ or liquid‐cooled, with cargo drives for cargo bicycles, radial fans and blowers, we come even further to their customer‐specific requirements as a competent partner.

Deutsche Elektromotoren Holding invests in new technologies and processes; In addition to our 100‐year tradition, our core values are sustainability, energy efficiency and our environment.
Regionality and 100% value creation in Europe are an important principle for us and the core of our strategy.