Custom motors - more power in the size

February 10, 2020

We have been manufacturing electric motors since 1922.
These are motors for dynamic control processes, as well as designs for high speeds, with high acceleration values and for difficult ambient conditions.

As a Swabian engine manufacturer, we respond to customer-specific requirements and develop tailor-made drive solutions. Advantages are a long service life, high power density, low maintenance costs, low noise level and high vibration quality.

Modifications due to stricter efficiency guidelines constantly challenge motor manufacturers to offer their customers solutions that cause as few redesigns as possible in their machines.

We offer the possibility of retaining the previous size in a wide power range, especially for mains-operated motors.

This goal is achieved with the help of special sheet metal cuts and flexible adjustments of overall length or diameter with overall minimal envelope dimensions.

We are pleased to assist you with such challenging situations.