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Application examples low pressure fans

July 12, 2022

Our radial fans represent quality and robustness. They are powerful and can be used flexibly for low, medium or high pressure. With our closely staggered sizes, we offer the optimum unit for every application. By using our radial fans, you can solve even complicated air handling tasks easily.

The low-pressure fans of the "DN" series have been part of our product range for a long time. The radial fan fitted with forward-curved drum impellers is compact in dimensions - even though the motor is located outside the housing.

The DN fans are used in practice, for example, to extract larger volumes of air from manufacturing processes, e.g. in foundries and in parts washing plants.

As an established fan manufacturer in Dettingen unter Teck, we develop products and solutions that are adapted to the individual requirements of customer applications.

The structure of an electric motor – Part 2

May 30, 2022


The base for the winding is the stator package. According to its characteristics and motor type, as well as housing size, this is prepared for further processing. See Part 1 of our series "Construction of an electric motor

In the winding department, the later motor receives its copper in the form of selected enameled copper wires. The enameled copper wire is wound and drawn into the insulated stator slots. This is largely done in series production using special machines.

In contrast, the next work step is carried out by hand. The individual phases are now again insulated from each other in the winding heads with insulating material inserts and the enameled wires are provided with cover slides made of insulating material towards the inside of the rotor. The stranded wires are welded to the wire ends of the winding or the individual coils, and any additional equipment such as thermal sensors are incorporated accordingly into the so-called winding heads.

In order to keep both winding heads as compact as possible, a compression followed by bandaging is performed.

Once the checking is done, the stator with winding is finally impregnated.

We have been doing this for years with a current UV system. This achieves the best possible result - especially for the extremely demanding industrial engines that are produced directly in Dettingen unter Teck.

With us, you are always on the right side.
Innovation and dynamics have been important characteristics for us as a traditional company over all these years.

The structure of an electric motor – Part 1

The structure of an electric motor - Part 1

March 11, 2022


The electrical motors we produce are available in a wide range of versions. Due to the high level of production depth, we are able to respond immediately to customer-specific wishes and realize them.

One of the main components is the stator. In the example of a three-phase motor, this is the "non-rotating part" - that' s why it is also called the stator.

A stator is made up of a laminated core and the three-phase winding that generates the rotating field.

In our in-house punching department, we stamp pre-coiled dynamo plates according to internal calculations and geometries.

By using steel bands and the so-called packaging, the individual plates are fixed in their intended position for the further work steps in the production process.

In order to isolate the later winding from the dynamo plate and to avoid short circuits, each stator slot receives an insulating material paper inserted. This is done, as far as possible, by means of machines.

Prepared in this way, the component "stator" enters the winding department for the insertion of the enameled copper wires, and so on.

All about our Electric Motors

Discover a wide range of solutions. We benefit from decades of experience in the field of various aeration and deaeration solutions as well as drive technologies.

On our homepage you will find all information about the different electric motors, suitable for your machine concept. You can also contact one of our employees directly. With us you are always on the right side - because innovation and dynamics have been important characteristics for us over all the years.

100 years of Dietz-motoren

April 27, 2022


  • New factory construction in 1953

  • The stamping department in 1953

  • Plant III in Ennabeuren

  • Our technical office around 1953

  • Our Plant II

  • Our plant I in the 80s

  • The old trucks in the 80's

  • Plant II in Kirchheimer Street

  • Assembly in 2022

This year we can look back on 100 years of company history.

Back in 1922, Dietz-motoren was founded by master mechanic Adolf Dietz. Since that time, we are deeply rooted in Dettingen unter Teck. In a rented workshop, collectors for generators and starters were initially manufactured on a contract basis. In 1925, the company was able to purchase its own building at Kirchheimer Strasse 109 and one year later, in 1926, began manufacturing electric motors and blowers. The company experienced continuous growth, so it had to be extended and expanded again and again.

In the following two decades, the young company continued to develop purposefully. As a result of the dynamic development after the currency reform and the strong demand, the premises were soon no longer enough. So in 1958, the construction of plant II in the industrial area of Dettingen was started, where the focus of production is still today. In the early 1960s, a branch plant was opened in Heroldstatt-Ennabeuren. For years, mainly windings for motors were manufactured there by hand. In the meantime, the mechanical processing and assembly of radial fans is located there. Today, the entire production is located in these two plants, whose production areas have been enlarged several times over the years.

In 1960, our company founder Adolf Dietz passed away. From very small beginnings, he created a company that has now existed for 100 years. For many years, the sons-in-law of the company founder, Dr. Willy Hub, Hartmut Müller and Hans Bauer, were responsible for the further development of the company. The successor generation has single-mindedly developed his work further, true to his motto "Success through quality". Dietz-motoren is now in its third generation and remains a partnership to this day.

Today, we offer a wide range of electric motors, generators and radial fans, as well as the associated control electronics, which meet all requirements in terms of efficiency, lifetime costs and legal requirements.

According to the motto "Innovation needs production", all relevant value-added processes required for the production of electric motors and radial fans can be manufactured in-house. The special focus is on the electrical core components of the electric motors - here the entire manufacturing process of the components is produced with modern machinery.

We will continue to invest in modern development and manufacturing processes in order to meet growing market requirements. Customized solutions in particular require close cooperation with the customer on the part of the development department.

Essentially, leading machine builders all over the world are served, with a focus on the textile, ventilation technology, food technology and regenerative energy sectors.

For product safety and to prove the agreed function, all necessary tests and simulations can be carried out in our own development and test field.

We have made rapid progress in the area of digitalization over the past few years. In 2018, we not only brought the specially designed product finder "Fanfinder" online, but also, just one year later, the Online Shop for radial fans. Through our in-house online shop, we are now able to ship the radial fans we have in stock to our customers within the shortest possible time and to react quickly.

Through the knowledge and skills of almost 270 highly qualified and motivated employees, the production of high-quality products of the highest quality is implemented. True to Adolf Dietz's motto: "Success through quality", qualified employees play a key role in this process, which is taken into account with permanent training and further education.
We train our young generation ourselves and the apprentices complete their training with above-average success. Currently, we employ about 15 apprentices in the technical and commercial area and it is the declared goal, as in the past, to take over all apprentices.

"DN" low-pressure fans

January 19, 2022


To our low-pressure fans

Low-pressure radial fans from 16 m³/min flow rate

The low-pressure fans of the "DN" series are already part of our product range for a long time. The radial fan equipped with forward-curved drum impellers is compact in dimensions - although the motor is located outside the housing.

This is achieved by an end shield integrated in the housing. While smooth and unventilated motors are used for the smaller "DN fans", a unit with a flow rate of 16m³/min (e.g. the DN13) has a three-phase motor with classic longitudinal ribbing and IE3, or even with IE4 efficiency on request.

The entire series consists of a durable aluminum housing with forward-curved sheet steel wheels.

With the largest member of the DN series, the DN25/132, a max. volume flow of 100 m³/min is achieved, with a pressure increase of 2300Pa in 50Hz operation. In addition to an extensive range of optional equipment, these fans are available with a foot for mounting the unit. Furthermore, a version with temperature lock is optional in order to use the unit with pumped media above 80°C up to 230°C.

As an experienced engine manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, we have been developing and producing such innovative drive concepts since 1922. With us, you are always on the right side. Innovation and dynamism have been important hallmarks over all these years.

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