Speed monitoring for electric motors

June 05, 2020

As an experienced motor manufacturer based in Baden-Württemberg, we have been developing and producing innovative drive concepts since 1922.

Electric drives in machines do not always have to provide the required power, speed and torque. Speed monitoring or a so-called standstill monitoring are attributes that are often required by the machine control, also with regard to the safety of humans and machines.

A distinction must be made between pure monitoring, which can only make a statement about rotary motion or standstill, or a version with possible speed information and/or exact position determination of the rotating component.

We achieve this by using one or more inductive sensors in combination with an incremental disk, or by using a resolver, which can determine the absolute position of the motor shaft and the rotational speed within one motor rotation. The inductive sensors are resistant to dust, moisture and vibration - which is an important aspect, because we respond to customer-specific requirements such as protection classes and develop customized drive solutions.

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